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perfectly located for exploring all of North Wales’ wonders

Steeped in history and with a vibrant 21st Century culture. Celebrated through music, art and poetry – there’s always something new to discover in Snowdonia.

Firstly there are the castles and four of those are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. According to Historic Britain there are 6oo castles in Wales, yes that’s right – 600! That’s a lot of turret gazing….

There’s the medieval majesty of Conwy Castle, which so impressed Thomas Telford he built a suspension bridge to match it’s magnificence.

Then there’s Caernarfon with it’s polygonal towers and military museum. A formidable fortress which also hosted Prince Charles’ Investiture in 1969 which attracted a worldwide audience of 500million.

Also on our list are Beaumaris, Harlech, Dolwyddelan and Gwydir. So if castles are your bag then we have a glut of them nearby! Visit Cadw to find out about all our historic buildings (btw Cadw a lovely welsh word in our view, meaning ‘to keep’ or ‘to protect’).

Art at the Oak

It all started in 1844 when landscape painter David Cox decided to spend all his summers in Betws and came to stay right here at the Oak. By 1881 Betws & the Conwy Valley was at the peak of its fame as a home and resort for large numbers of professional and amateur artists.

Today a signboard Cox painted still hangs over the fireplace in the Lounge and many other artists work adorn the walls throughout the building. We are also proud member of Arts and Busines Cymru. A charity who promote and develop partnerships throughout Wales, ensuring the rich benefits of our artsitsic heritage continues to inspire future generations.

Art in Snowdonia

There are four principal public galleries in North Wales and many other independant galleries and open studio events which happen throught the year.

Our most local private gallery is the renowned FFin Y Parc which holds regualr exhibitions by contemporary living Welsh artists. Then there’s Galeri Betws-y-Coed which alongside it’s exhibition space has a retail area selling local and national Welsh crafts. Ranging from woodblock prints and handmade dipdyed baskets to Welsh silversmithing and the work of Jayne Wright and her hand pierced copper sculptural pieces – just gorgeous- it’s well worth a visit if you’re wandering around the village!

Want to support supoer local and small scale? Take a wander around ArtWorks2 Celf – a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support local professional artists by displaying and selling their work through their galleries, websites and curated exhibitions

You can find out more about our artistic past and present on our Art page.

Want to immerse further? 

Knowdonia – Need your adventure a little less adrenailne but a bit more discovery? Drop Christian a line about his itinerary-free bespoke tours, where you can uncover hidden North Wales and discover real local knowledge

Cultural Tour – book with Boutique Tours and immerse yourself into a whole day of encapturing Wales cultural and historical heritage

Peppered with a mix of historic sites – World Heritage fortresses and slate quarries, Celtic shrines and cultural centres. There are inspirational landscapes too, and a living Welsh language you’ll hear and see everywhere. Our heritage is rich in it’s bond to the land. Come and experience our story and Discover Eryri time and time again…

Need more inspiration? Listen to Megan Llyr’s Adventures in North Wales podcast from Go North Wales & discover some hidden gems and local tips

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