Ysgol Betws-y-Coed visit to the Royal Oak

Last month the Royal Oak were met with a classroom of youngsters from the local primary school in Betws-y-Coed. The children came to learn about the typical running processes in the restaurant and the different bars.

Fresh faced and full of life, the youngsters arrived in the morning and were introduced to the Llugwy River Restaurant Supervisor Dylan. Dylan led them into the David Cox Suite and chatted to them about all the different foods served and where they originate from. Dylan passed them each a menu and asked the youngsters to pick out any foodie terms that they were not familiar with. The children learnt a lot about foreign favourites, for example ‘Creviche’, ‘Sabayon’ and what an ‘Amuse Bouche’ was. (I’m sure a lot of our older readers may not know these terms either!).

Dylan then led the classroom around the hotel showing them the Stables Bar and the Grill room, explaining why the menu’s differ and why some were bigger than others. The children were interested and were full of questions and ideas. Dylan explained pricing and also explained why it is important to the hotel that we use local produce where possible.

After an energetic morning of learning and exploring, the children thanked the Royal Oak team and went back to school for a hard day of work.

A week or so later, the team at the Royal Oak recieved a small package from the school with a letter from each of the pupils thanking us for our time. Each letter was personalised, had pictures and explained what they had enjoyed the most (Not to mention written to a very high standard!). This was such a lovely gesture, and it made Dylan and the team really feel that they had made a difference.

We really enjoyed the chance to speak to these youngsters and we really hope a similar opportunity comes around again soon.
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