Welcome to an exciting new chapter in culinary education! We are thrilled to announce the launch of a tender for the development of a state-of-the-art bulk prep kitchen. This project represents a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability, modern cooking practices, and the education of future culinary professionals, equipping the next generation in North Wales

This build is a key project to be delivered as part of the Tourism Talent Network from Ambition North Wales. The aim of the Ambition North Wales & the Growth Deal is to build a more vibrant, sustainable, and resilient economy in North Wales,

Successfully delivered, it will stimulate collaboration between Gr┼Áp Llandrillo Menai & key stakeholders to coordinate action on skills and product development, transforming growth of the tourism and hospitality sector in the region.

Sustainable Culinary Practices

Our new bulk prep kitchen will be a model of sustainability, incorporating the latest technologies and best practices to minimise its carbon footprint. With a strong focus on decarbonisation, we are committed to using energy-efficient appliances & reducing our carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources to meet net zero goals. This initiative not only supports our environmental goals but also sets a new standard for culinary operations.

Equipping the Next Generation of Chefs

The updated kitchen will be a hands-on learning environment for our kitchen apprentices. Outfitted with cutting-edge equipment, including induction cooking stations and high-efficiency refrigeration units, the facility will provide apprentices with the tools they need to master modern culinary techniques. By working with these advanced systems, apprentices will gain invaluable experience in energy-efficient operations, preparing them for successful careers in the hospitality industry.

Embracing Modern Technology

Our commitment to using the latest kitchen technology will transform the way we teach and practice cooking. The integration of modern equipment will not only enhance the learning experience but also contribute to significant energy savings. This dual focus on education and efficiency ensures that our apprentices are well-versed in the practices that are shaping the future of the culinary world.

Community and Environmental Impact

The benefits of this project extends beyond our educational programs to equipping the next generation of chefs in North Wales . By adopting sustainable practices in our bulk prep kitchen, we are reinforcing our commitmnet to our environmental values. Additionally, both the construction and operation of this facility will create jobs and stimulate local economic growth, further solidifying our commitment to our community.

equipping the next generation in North Wales

Join Us on This Journey

We’re inviting qualified contractors to participate in this exciting project via the sell2wales portal

Stay Connected

We will be sharing updates on the progress of this project, including behind-the-scenes looks at the construction and insights into the sustainable practices we are implementing. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for the latest news and developments.

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