Year of Artistic Adventure…

Following on from Visit Wales’ designation as 2016 being the Year of Adventure – they’ve comissioned artist Anthony Garratt – a highly renowned contemporary landscape painter, to develop four installations accross Snowdonia from April until November 2106.

The paintings will appear at four locations and follow on from the artist’s other ‘Four’ series – last year he painted four massive canavses in-situ on various beaches accross Anglesey – which were then hoisted on to large metal frames to house them in their natural environment and left on display for six months. The reaction was extrodinary and propelled Garratt’s work into the mainstream.

“Britain provides us with weather which makes us feel vulnerable. For me that is what makes it such an exciting place to paint. The sky changes continuously – one can visit a place a hundred times and each time have a different experience.” Anthony Garratt.

No doubt he’ll experience the diverse and dramatic weather systems Snowdonia is renowned for all within one day – whatever the outcome it’ll be an adventure for artist and viwer alike.

To see more of Anthony’s work visit his website ;

Artist news High And Low / Uchel Ac Isel - Installation by Anthony Garratt

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